Fight Night 52

So UFC fight night 52- Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt vs Roy “Big Country” Nelson is upon us this weekend 17th September and we are hoping for an all-out war!! This is the UFC equivalent to Godzilla vs King Kong and one of the most anticipated heavyweight fights of the year, everyone who knows anything about the UFC, who has seen both these men in action before knows this is a big one. Both men could deliver an absolute legendary classic if given the chance.

It’s also one of the hardest fights to call in ages. Roy Nelson’s whole career, is defined by his ability to endure a severe amount of punishment and his knack for landing one big punch that separates his opponent from their senses this weekend he’s up against the only man who can rival him in terms of both power and chin. There are very few areas where one of these fighters doesn’t match the other, the one and only advantage we see is Nelson’s brawling style tends to make people forget that he’s an extremely competent grappler. He’s a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mark Hunt doesn’t have much of a ground game so if it hits the mat we think Roy Nelson will have the advantage there.

We personally hope for the sake of entertainment both these men keep it stand up and we see which of these men can withstand the most punishment, although we are saying do not be surprised if nelson stands toe to toe to begin with then takes it to the mat, he must be looking at hunt’s weaknesses in the ground game and his best chance to secure victory.

There a chance they’ll stand and trade blows, there’s a chance nelson will KO hunt, there’s a chance hunt will KO nelson, there’s a chance nelson will take hunt down and there’s also a chance hunt can defend the takedowns, who knows it’s so close to call.

In the end due to Nelsons one and only slight advantage, we think the fight will swing his way by a ground and pound TKO this Saturday, when the UFC touches down in Saitama, Japan for UFC Fight Night 52.

Let us know what you think and if you’ll be watching it this weekend.


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