UFC 175, Machida vs Weidman, Middleweight championship.

Hybrid UFC 175 predictions

UFC 175.


July 5th.

we’ve taken the time to look at the two title fights (Machida vs weidman and Rousey vs Davies taking place at UFC 175 and give you our overview.

So far Chris Weidman has had it a little bit rough up with the champions despite beating Anderson Silva twice I feel people still don’t rate him as a true Champion and a win over Machida would secure him just that. As far as how the fight will play out I think Weidman will do his best to take Machida to the ground which will be great entertainment for us since Weidman has great wrestling and Machida’s takedown defence is top level. If by any chance Weidman does manage to get him to ground I can’t see Weidman being able to keep him there or utilise it fully. As for the stand up game we think Machida will use his speed wisely to be as elusive as he ever is, Weidman has great ability to be able to pressure opponents so that he is in full control of the fight but won’t be as fast as Machida.  For that reason Machida will land more strikes on Weidman but do less overall damage. Up to this point you could say that Weidman’s chin has not yet been tested, well this could be where we see it under pressure from Machida great counter strikes. This fight could also be Weidman’s first full 5 round fight in what will likely be a controversial split decision which we see Machida taking the victory.


  • Great Takedown defence
  • One the best counter strikers in MMA.
  • Illusiveness.


  • Good power
  • Great wrestling
  • Good pressure on opponent.

Rousey vs Davies

In the co-main event of UFC 175, women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is defending her title against Alexis Davis, which hasn’t been talked about as much since everyone has jumped on the Hype-train of Machida Weidman. Even so, it is a fight that features one of the best champions in MMA and one of the top contenders so should make for a good fight. Our admiration for rousey started to drop off after watching TUF. Although a great champion we always whine to see her beat. Ronda Rousey has obviously been improving her striking game as of late and it has showed when she earned her first ever stoppage from strikes in her last fight with Sara McMann although that’s not to say her striking ability is as good as it can be as Miesha Tate opened some holes in striking game last time they fought. It is something that Davis could put to test early. Rousey, as we all know has Olympic bronze medalist in judo, has amazing takedowns and throws her opponents like a ragdoll. Her trips and throws are second to none in womans MMA especially when most people are used to the wrestling takedowns we always see. While Alexis Davis is a jiu-jitsu black belt and has an amazing submission game, she is going up against one of the best grapplers in the sport in Ronda Rousey. In terms of straight grappling, both women are close. How we see the fight playing out… Rousey will close the distance early like she always does. From there, she will throw Davis to the mat and work her top game. She will try to ground-and-pound to open Davis up. It will be tough to tap the jiu-jitsu black belt, but she will somehow finish the Canadian. Which leaves us asking the big question when will Dana White finally allow the Cyborg vs Rousey to take place?


  • Great Grappling.
  • Great use of aggression.
  • Great submissions.


  • BJJ black belt.
  • Happy on her back.
  • Good Kicks.


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