Private Lessons from Hybrid Personal Training

It’s a myth that Personal Training is only for the super rich or professional athlete. Many students are already benefiting from one to one training. It’s a great way to perfect a  particular technique or kata. Many others have personal training because work or family commitments prevent them from attending as many classes as they might like.

Whatever the reason, the benefits speak for themselves:
• One to one attention
• Added support and encouragement whilst you workout
• The very latest exercise techniques
• To be able to train where and when best suits you
• Work on exactly what you want to improve
• A great way to prepare for a grading

You can even have small group sessions which work out even cheaper.

All of our instructors in all disciplines are available for 1 to 1 tuition. Please contact reception for more details.

What about Personal Training for family and friends?

Hybrid’s sister company ‘Hybrid PT’ has been providing professional personal training in the Plymouth area for many years. Please do not confuse Personal Trainers with Martial Arts Instructors. Personal training requires additional specialist skills and experience. Hybrid PT only employ the very best personal trainers in Plymouth and the South West. Many of which are full time professional trainers.

Personal Training Vouchers

How many times have you heard family, friends or partners say, ‘I need to lose weight’ or ‘I just can’t get motivated’? Well now you can help them make that positive change for themselves! No matter what their personal goal, weight loss, increased fitness, body shaping/toning etc. They will receive all the help, support and motivation they need.

By giving Personal Training Vouchers as a gift you can help them make that all important first step. Alternatively, why not ask for vouchers for yourself? We have packages to suit all types of people and budgets.

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