Junior Hybrids

Students, what you need to know …

We teach mixed martial arts, which means our students learn to punch and kick like a kickboxer, throw people around like in judo and grapple & wrestle like a Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter. Mixed martial arts is not to be confused with cage fighting and all our classes are safe, friendly and controlled.

We understand that most people want to train to learn, get fit and have fun. At Hybrid you can rest assured that you will only work at a level and intensity that you are comfortable with and we will coach and encourage you to be the best that you can be.

Your progression will be quick and you can decided how far you want to take it.

Many people make the decision to take up fighting arts purely for their own enjoyment. MMA is not ‘cage-fighting’, you never have to step foot in a ring if you don’t want to.

You also have the option to grade for belts in the traditional way. Our Syllabus was one of the first approved in the country. The Hybrid grading system has been carefully designed to provide you with a systematic approach to your MMA training. By following a structured system you are guaranteed to improve your knowledge and skill at a much quicker rate. The syllabus also includes self-defence training as well as some more traditional elements. You will be supported and helped to progress throughout the belts within our system.

Hybrid is a great place to learn, train and make new friends.

Give us a call today and book your FREE session. Please feel free to bring a friend or just come by yourself.  We hope to see you soon.


Parents what you need to know …

This age group are learning to be young adults. The stresses and dangers in their life are ever changing. They will be joining secondary school, an exciting but scary time. It’s also often the age where parents start allowing their children to go out without so much supervision.

We believe in preparing our students both physically and mentally for these new challenges. With this in mind our sessions combine not only highly effective martial arts and self defence techniques but also and more importantly the correct mind set to decide if and when to use them. We strongly believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’. As a result understanding the phycology of personal protection is just as important, if not more so than the hands on stuff.

Coaches are also on hand to give advice to students on bullying and other safety issues.

The benefits to your child’s development are endless. They build relationships with their peers and learn to become positive leaders and role models. It is really important to ensure students become valued members of the community and not part of Britain’s growing anti-social behavior problem.

Martial arts is a positive and constructive use of leisure time. The coaching team draw experience from working with the police, armed forces and youth workers. We believe in instilling a strong moral code that will benefit every aspect of a young person’s life. We are a multi-cultural centre and teach the importance of respect for oneself and others.

As parents ourselves and appreciate that Kids today sometimes have more hectic social lives than we do! Our time table allows you to mix and match the number of sessions they attend as well as not restricting you to set days.

There is also NO Joining Fee and No License Fee for any of our young people.

We still have not got to the best bit yet. I’m sure like us you rarely find time to get to the gym yourself? Well now you have no excuse because whilst your child is training YOU have free use of our gym facilities! So now you can make the most of your time (or you can relax and have a coffee instead). The choice is yours……

Give us a call and book in for your FREE trial now!

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