Little Hybrids

Little Hybrids is a martial arts and life skill program specifically designed for the 4-7 year age group.

Being parents ourselves, we understand that this is a crucial age in the development of your child, not only physically but mentally. Martial arts is a great fun way not only to use up some of that abundant energy but also to give them the confidence and life skills every young person should possess. We believe in instilling a strong moral code from an early age. This will help ensure that your child reaches their true potential in life.

This is achieved through a fun mix of martial arts training and life skill modules. In these classes Little Hybrids start to develop hand and feet co-ordination, fitness, strength and flexibility as well as developing a solid martial arts foundation.

The life skill modules cover a wide range of important topics such as …

•             Stranger Awareness

•             Fire Safety

•             Anti-Bullying

•             Nutrition

•             First Aid

All of this is taught whilst consistently reinforcing our  ten character values, including respect, discipline and kindness. It is really important at this age that students are constantly praised and rewarded for their continued hard work. There is an attendance based grading system in place for this so your child will gain a tag every 4 classes that they attend and after 5 tags they will move onto a new belt! A great way of building confidence and keeping focus with continued achievements!

Once again, we are parents ourselves and appreciate that little ones today sometimes have more hectic social lives than we do! Our time table allows you to mix and match the number of sessions they attend as well as not restricting you to set days.

There is also NO Joining Fee and No License Fee for any of our young people.

We still have not got to the best bit yet. I’m sure like us you rarely find time to get to the gym yourself? Well now you have no excuse because whilst your child is training YOU have free use of our gym facilities! So now you can make the most of your time (or you can relax and have a coffee instead). The choice is yours……

Give us a call and book in for your FREE TRIAL now!

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