Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

The idea of mixing together the techniques from different fighting arts has massively gained in popularity over the past decade or so. With the rise of the PRIDE and UFC in the 90’s the demand for MMA tuition exploded. With good reason, MMA mixes many very effective styles together which exposes the participant to a wide choice of options. Not all styles suite everyone, and this is what makes MMA so universal. You can build up a variety of skills from countless disciplines and use them in a way that best suites you.

The main barrier to participation is the misconception that beginners will be thrown in a cage on their first day and expected to fight to the death! This may be how some clubs operate but not us.

We understand that most people want to train to learn, get fit and have fun. At Hybrid you can rest assured that you will only work at a level and intensity that you are comfortable with. We pride ourselves on being a member’s only club. This enables us to ensure a number of things:

  • All of our members are insured
  • Everyone works as a team in order to improve the club as a whole
  • You only train with people dedicated to personal development
  • Everyone respects each other regardless of ability
  • There are NO ego’s.


Your progression will be quick and you can decide how far you want to take it.

Many people make the decision to take up fighting arts purely for their own enjoyment. MMA is not ‘cage-fighting’,  you never have to step foot in a ring if you don’t want to.

At Hybrid you also have the option to grade for belts in the traditional way. Our Syllabus was one of the first approved in the country. The Hybrid grading system has been carefully designed to provide you with a systematic approach to your MMA training. By following a structured system you are guaranteed to improve your knowledge and skill at a much quicker rate. The syllabus also includes self-defence training as well as some more traditional elements. If you want to fast track your development then it’s definitely something you should look at.

We have a dedicated team of fighters in all disciplines. Our standards are high and we only allow fighters to compete when we are satisfied they are ready. That way we know you will have a safe enjoyable fight career and you know you are fully prepared with Team Hybrid behind you.

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